Quick-Hepatocyte™ allows differentiated hepatocyte-like cells to be rapidly and efficiently produced from human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells within 9 days. Unlike other products on the market that take nearly a month or longer to generate results, Quick-Hepatocyte™ quickly produces hepatocyte-like cells while remaining easy to use, convenient, and efficient. The each option contains enough reagents to use for 4 wells of a 24-well plate.

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Elixirgen Scientific’s Hepatocyte Muscle is produced with Quick-Hepatocyte™ – SeV Complete Kit and CIRM hPSC repository lines. You can select any lines from the repository to model various diseases and control lines like follow.

  • 304 Control
  • 38 Fatty Liver Disease
  • 93 Hepatitis C
  • And other non-liver disease


  • High efficiency: ~50% ALB positive and ~50% AFP positive.
  • Consistency: Thanks to fast differentiation, cells show high homogeneity.
  • Flexible choice: You can specify preferred delivery formats (e.g., microtiter plates, MEAs) for live cells in addition to frozen vials.
  • No footprint: Other methods leave behind molecular and genetic traces — Quick-Hepatocyte™ doesn’t.


Immunofluorescence microscopy

Quantitative RT-PCR


3D Bioprinting, Cell Replacement Therapy, Disease Modeling, Toxicity screening.

Areas of Interest

Liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis A-E, hepatocellular carcinoma, Cell Replacement Therapy, Disease Modeling, Toxicity screening


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Form Cryopreserved
Species Human
Donor CIRM hPSC repository. Detail data is available at Coriell Institute individual line webpage
Size 1 vial
# of cells More than 1,000,000 viable cells
Shipping Conditions Dry ice
Storage Conditions Liquid nitrogen


Immuno-staining images of cultures treated by Quick-Hepatocyte™ – SeV Complete Kit on Day 7.

Gene expression profile of a culture of Quick-Hepatocyte™ – SeV Complete Kit.

Representative phase contrast images of cultures treated with Quick-Hepatocyte™ – SeV Complete Kit. Scale bars, 50 μm.


SeV Complete Kit Scale 4 wells of a 24-well plate or 4-well plate
Contents Six 500 µl tubes, two 15 ml tubes, and one 30 ml bottle
Shipping Conditions Dry ice
Storage Conditions -80°C (some components can be stored at -20°C. See product protocol)
Maintenance Medium Scale 4 wells of a 24-well or 4-well plate for 2 weeks
Contents One 500 µl tube, one 2.0 ml tube, and one 30 ml bottle
Shipping Conditions Dry ice
Storage Conditions -20°C