Quick-Tissue™ Stem Cell Differentiation Services

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Stop waiting months for tissues!

Elixirgen Scientific provides pluripotent stem cell differentiation services with the world’s fastest turnaround time. Customers can simply ship live iPS/ES cells in a T-25 flask and will receive differentiating or terminally differentiated cells in as short as one week. Imagine the time and money you could save when you switch to using our service!

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Cell Differentiation Service overview

Benefits of the Quick-Tissue™ Stem Cell Differentiation Services

  • Fast: Elixirgen Scientific can return cells, differentiated, in as short as one week. This service is perfect for accelerating the iterations in your research. Take advantages with this Quick-Tissue™ technologies!
  • AffordablePrices start from less than $1,000, which deliverables are sufficient for staining and qPCR at customer facilities, and project design consultation is free. Additionally, our optimized methods and established infrastructure allow us to offer dramatic savings for bulk orders for differentiating multiple cell lines.
  • Quality: Elixirgen Scientific utilizes Quick-Tissue™ technologies to deliver high quality tissues. These proprietary, transcription factor-based differentiation methods provide homogenous cell cultures without a genetic footprint.
  • FlexibleSend us your cells your way, and we will send you back your cells how you want them! Elixirgen Scientific is able to deliver you your differentiated cells in your container of choice – be it plates, flasks, or tubes. Your cells can also be shipped both ways live in a T-25 flask or frozen. This flexibility means you can start your experiments immediately after receiving your cells.

Available Services

Elixirgen Scientific currently offers following differentiation services:

  1. Cholinergic neuron for research of Alzheimer’s Disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) etc.
  2. Dopaminergic neuron for research of Parkinson’s Disease, Gaucher’s Disease etc.
  3. Skeletal muscle for research of Muscular Dystrophy, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) etc.
  4. Hepatocyte cell for research of Liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis A-E, hepatocellular carcinoma etc.
  5. Pluripotency Testing for establishing new pluripotent stem cell lines

All available services use products that are available at our online storeMore tissue types are coming soon! Please inquire with us if your preferred cell type is unavailable; Elixirgen Scientific is eager to address your research needs.

Source Pluripotent Stem Cells

Customers can use their own established iPS/ES cell lines from patient and donors. Additionally, there are established, public iPS cell banks available for you to use with Elixirgen Scientific’s Quick-Tissue™ Stem Cell Differentiation Service. See the list of public iPS cell banks below;

  1. California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  2. Coriell Institute
  3. Riken Bioresoruce Center
  4. Center of iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University
  5. Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Registry
  6. Harvard Stem Cell Science
  7. UMass Medical School International Stem Cell Registry
  8. National Human Neural Stem Cell Resource


We are happy to help customers determine how to best use our services. Initially, Elixirgen Scientific and the customer will discuss what they need to achieve with the cells and services in a free project design consultation.

For most of cell differentiation services, deliverables are simply differentiating, differentiated, or fixed cells. Cells can be delivered in the customer’s preferred container (plates, flasks, or tubes) for characterization/application later. For example, cells can be shipped in a 96-well plate for drug compound or toxicity screening.

With the Pluripotency Testing service, customers will receive tens of high resolution staining images of DAPI, TUBB3 (tubulin beta 3, neuron marker), MHC (myosin heavy chain, muscle marker), and ALB (albumin, hepatocyte marker). Customers can pick the best images for use in publications and/or grant applications.

Project Timeline

Though each project is unique, most projects will follow the general timeline below. In this illustration, cell differentiation only, Elixirgen Scientific’s most basic service, is performed. For such a project, prices can reach less than $1,000.

service project timeline

Planning and Preparation

Project Design Consultation:

Customers will first provide specifications for what they would like to achieve at a free project design consultation. Based on this information, Elixirgen Scientific will suggests what customers can achieve through the services. For example, if the customer wishes to perform immuno-fluorescence staining, FISH, and qPCR at , the preparation and deliverable requirements will be following;


2 sets of 2 million live iPS/ES cells in T-25 flask per line


Differentiated and fixed cells on a chamber slide for high magnitude staining and FISH

Differentiating cells in T-12.5 flask for RNA extraction to run qPCR


PSC preparation:

Customers will grow their cells in T-25 flasks or any other planned containers. These cells should be tested for pathogens, sterility, and mycoplasma to avoid contamination. During project design consultation, Elixirgen Scientific will give specific instructions on preparing and shipping the cells and report format for test result. Finally cells are shipped at the planned date after reaching designated cell numbers.



QC and Differentiation:

Elixirgen Scientific will do a preliminary cell pluripotency test. Based on Elixirgen Scientific’s provided quality check report and recommendations, customers can then decide how to proceed. If the cells’ quality or conditions do not meet our standard, customers may be entitled a partial refund of the quoted charge.

After the customer greenlights the recommendations, Elixirgen Scientific will differentiate the cells, and ships them in the previously determined format.


Further Differentiation (optional):

If customers would like to continue differentiation or begin long-term culture of the cells, Elixirgen Scientific is able to ship additional reagents with the provided cells.



Customers will be now able to perform their experiments in record time.


The price for the differentiation of one iPS/ES cell line starts from at less than $1,000, which deliverables are sufficient for staining and qPCR. Project design consultation is free. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details and accelerate your research today!