BALTIMORE, Jan. 25, 2018 – Elixirgen Scientific has published its new protocol video for Quick-Endothelium™ Vascular – mRNA Complete Kit with Optional Drug Selection. The video is published on YouTube ; available in all countries.

The video demonstrates the detailed, step-by-step actions required to be the most successful with the kit. The video’s clear instructions highlight the protocol’s simplicity and robustness, and most of its steps can be applied to other Quick-Tissue Series™ differentiation kits as well. After learning to use one Quick-Tissue™ Series kit, you will immediately be able to apply that knowledge to our other kits.
This protocol video has been highly requested by Quick-Tissue™ Series users worldwide. Elixirgen Scientific plans to release more protocol videos for other differentiation kits. The possibilities are endless – combine various cell types differentiated with Quick-Tissue™ Series from hPSCs including disease iPSCs for personalized medicine applications and more!