Quick-Tissue Mesoderm Booster

Elixirgen Scientific released Quick-Tissue™ Mesoderm Booster and Quick-Tissue™ Endoderm Booster. These new products accelerate human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) differentiation into tissues from the mesoderm and endoderm layers by strongly suppressing the pluripotency maintenance program in the hPSCs. Quick-Tissue™ Booster products can be used for existing differentiation protocols. These products are expected to reach wider customers with established protocols with a variety of differentiation induction methods.
These products are intended to be used at the beginning of hPSC differentiation. The booster should be added immediately after the PSCs are put into differentiation conditions. However, users may want to add the booster at alternative timings before or after the culture conditions of hPSC are switched from the pluripotency maintenance to differentiation to further optimize their protocols.
The Mesoderm Booster is already used in Quick-Muscle™ Skeletal and upcoming Quick-Tissue™ Differentiation Kits of mesoderm-derived tissues such as blood and vascular endothelium.

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