NOG Mouse

BALTIMORE, Oct. 2, 2017 – Elixirgen Scientific has entered into a joint research agreement with the CIEA (Central Institute for Experimental Animals) in Japan, a global and industry leader in developing experimental animal models. The joint research program aims to develop humanized NOG mice harnessing the power of Elixirgen Scientific’s proprietary Quick-Tissue™ technology. NOG mice are immunodeficient mouse models invented and developed by the CIEA and have been marketed since 2002. Quick-Tissue™ technology will play an essential role in the development of humanized NOG mice by providing rapidly differentiated, highly pure human iPS/ES cells. With animal models and stem cell differentiation technology becoming more advanced every day, these two combined technologies are becoming exceedingly relevant to modern medical research. The humanized NOG mice with human disease iPS/ES cells are expected to accelerate research to reach a deeper understanding of the complexities of human diseases and drug responses.

The Elixirgen Scientific team is excited to begin this joint research collaboration to accelerate medical innovations and breakthroughs around the world.

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