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Stop waiting months for tissues!

Elixirgen Scientific has just launched its pluripotent stem cell differentiation services with the world’s fastest turnaround time. Customers can simply ship live induced pluripotent stem (iPS)/embryonic stem (ES) cells in a T-25 flask and will receive differentiating or terminally differentiated cells in a week (express service) or two weeks (regular service).

Currently, Elixirgen Scientific offers cholinergic neuron, dopaminergic neuron, and skeletal muscle cell differentiation services. More tissue types are coming soon!

Differentiation service price differs based on project requirements but project design consultation is free.

Because of high differentiation speed and high differentiation efficiency, the service prices are very competitive compared with other offers you might consider. Our expertise and optimizations ensure that you are getting the highest quality cells at the fastest speeds.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details, or to start your order today!