BALTIMORE, June 1, 2017 – Elixirgen Scientific can make global Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Muscular Dystrophy research faster and better. The Baltimore biotech company today released three lab kits using Sendai Virus (SeV) technology that will help scientists create cholinergic neurons, dopaminergic neurons, and skeletal muscle cells in only one week.

These kits are a part of the Quick-Tissue™ Series – a revolutionary new way to generate human cells, tissues, and organs. The Quick-Tissue™ Series kits’ potent cocktails of transcription factors transform researchers’ stem cells of choice into high-quality tissues in a scalable, speedy manner. The Quick-Tissue™ Series SeV kits are fastest at producing their tissues among all currently published protocols, are cost-effective for researchers, and do not tamper with the stem cells’ genomes.

Past medical research has been conducted in modified cells that attempted to model diseases or in animal models of human diseases. Although much has been achieved through these methods, actual patient cells converted to the tissue involved in the disease are a much more accurate subject to study. Researchers using the Quick-Neuron™ Cholinergic SeV kit could make drug discovery for Alzheimer’s disease faster and more precise, while the Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic SeV kit could do the same for Parkinson’s disease, and the Quick-Muscle™ Skeletal SeV kit could similarly enhance Muscular Dystrophy research.

In addition to disease research applications, Elixirgen Scientific has been exploring the possibility of using the Quick-Tissue™ Series kits to accelerate 3-D Bioprinting, organ transplantation, and chemical safety testing as well.

The new Quick-Tissue™ Series kits (Quick-Neuron™ Cholinergic SeV, Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic SeV kit, Quick-Neuron™ Dopaminergic kit, and Quick-Muscle™ Skeletal SeV) are available for purchase at Elixirgen Scientific’s website (, which also hosts the technical information behind the products.

About Elixirgen Scientific:

Elixirgen Scientific, launched in 2016, is a Baltimore-based biotechnology company focused on stem cell related technology. The company’s mission is to make stem cell innovation available to everyone. Elixirgen Scientific is now providing reagents and kits at an affordable price to help make research and other laboratory work more efficient.

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